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1.0 Definitions

1.1 ‘Conditions’ means the Terms and Conditions under which the Company provides tour coach services.

1.2 ‘Company’ means Butlers Tours Ltd trading as Butlers Shore Tours

1.3 ‘Client’ means the organisation, individual or agent who contracts the services.

1.4 ‘Passenger’ means the person or persons being carried by the Company’s vehicle.

1.5 ‘Reservation’ means the specification of the requirement from the Client to the Company.

1.6 ‘Tariff’ means the agreed set price which is defined by the Company to its Client.

1.7 ‘Price’ means an agreed cost of hire for a vehicle or package booking to a non-regular Client (not subject to an Annual Agreement).

1.8 ‘Private Hire’ means a Client who may hire the Company’s vehicles on an ad hoc basis.

1.9 ‘Agency’ means a Client who contracts on an annual basis for the provision of coach services at an agreed tariff.

1.10 ‘Regulations’ means that the Company provides coach services based upon either Irish¬† Domestic Regulations or European Community Regulations.

1.11 ‘Tachograph’ means a system by which time, distance, speed and rest taken on each vehicle during the day’s journeys may be digitally recorded.

1.12 ‘Contract’ means the agreement between the Company and the Client.

1.13 ‘Package Booking’ means any tourist related service such as lodgings, attractions, enterainment, travel, indoor and outdoor activities or dining services booked by the ‘Company’ on behalf of the ‘Client’

1.14 ‘Package Partner’ means any company or business we book services from on behalf of our ‘client’ that offers any tourist related service or activity such as lodgings, attractions, enterainment, travel, indoor and outdoor activities, dining/drinking services.

1.15 ‘Booking Date’ means the date on your booking confirmation email for which you booked to travel on your tour with us.

1.16 ‘Disembarkation Time’ means when the first passenger depart from your ship on your tour date.

2.0 Insurance

2.1 All Clients or passengers are responsible for maintaining their own active adequate travel insurance cover.

2.2 The Client’s insurance cover must indemnify the Company against liabilities which are outside of the control of the Company.

2.3 The Client’s insurance cover must indemnify the Company from any such direct or indirect service failure or negligence by the Client, their servants or agents.

2.4 The company accepts any personal property of the hirer and their passengers on the understanding that it will take all reasonable steps to avoid loss or damage.

2.5 The hirer should notify the company or the driver if items of exceptional value are to be carried on the vehicle. It is the clients responsibility to minimise risk of loss when property is left unattended. We accept no responsibity for any personal items regardless of value left on our vehicles.

2.6 We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury while you are away from our vehicles.

3.0 Booking

3.1 Once your payment is received, partial or otherwise, the appropriate number of places will be assigned under your name for your selected tour. This will be confirmed online plus a booking confirmation email will be sent to you with all the relevant booking details. It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of all booking details on your booking confirmation email and then print/save same for your own reference.

3.2 It cannot be assumed that your booking has been accepted by us until a booking confirmation email has been received by you to your supplied email address.

3.3 It is your responsibility to supply your correct email address when you make a booking online or otherwise. We accept no responsibily for incorrectly entered or supplied email addresses and any subsequent inability to deliver your booking confirmation to you.

3.4 If you do not receive your booking confirmation email within 15 minutes, please check your spam folder and then contact us without any undue delay so we have the opportunity to remedy any issues.

4.0 Refunds & Cancellations

4.1 Cancellations must be made by email only and must state your booking confirmation number, date of tour and the full name of the person on the booking.

4.2 Cancellations made up to 12 hours before the booking date will receive a 100% refund. No questions asked. However you will not be entitled to a refund for cancellations made less than 12 hours before your booking date. No exceptions.

4.3 If your ship does not make it to port for whatever reason a full 100% refund will be issued even at the last minute.
Please Note: The company reserves the right to offer an alternative tour if the ship docks at an alternative port. Under this circumstance, no refunds will be issued even if you choose not to travel on this alternative tour.

4.4 The Company normally refunds payments back to the credit card you supplied when making your booking. Where this is not possible, it is your responsibility to provide us with your full bank details. including IBAN and swift code. We do not issue refunds through any other channels.

4.5 if you opt not to visit any paid attractions, you will not be entitled to a refund parial or otherwise.

5.0 Departures

5.1 Your tour departure time unless otherwise stated is precisely 30 minutes after disembarkation time. This is when the first passengers are allowed to leave the ship on the date of your tour, not when there is announcement or lack thereof to disembark. It is your responsibility to observe your exact disembarkation time.

5.1 Your departure point will be as described on your booking confirmation.

5.1 It is your sole responsibility to follow the instructions on your booking confirmation and to arrive at your departure point before the departure time.

5.2 If you arrive on or after your departure time and your tour has departed, you will not be entitled to a refund full or partial under any circumstances.

6.0 Changes & Alterations

6.1 The company reserves the right to make changes or alterations to the tour departure time, departure location, itinerary, return time and return location as they see fit due to changes in sailing times, changes in port and unforeseen events.

6.2 Any changes or alterations to your booking details made prior to your tour date will be communicated by email only and it will be your responsibilty to receive any such emails. No compensation monetary or otherwise will be made to you for any loss arising from not receiving such emails.

6.3 You will not be entitled to a refund for any changes or alterations made to your tour booking.

7.0 Safety

7.1 It is your responsibilty to follow any safety instructions and procedures.

7.2 Any specialist needs for passengers who may have a disability must be defined at the time of reservation. All liabilities relating to the assistance and well-being of disabled passengers will remain with the Client or the Client’s representative. In the absence of a specific disclaimer, the acceptance of the Terms indemnifies the Company from any such claims.

7.3 Any unruly or unacceptable behaviour will result in your ejection from your tour vehicle at the sole discretion of your driver/guide. Furthermore it will be your own responsibility to find your way back to your ship at your own expense.

8.0 During Your Tour

8.1 It is your responsibility to follow all instructions and guidelines from your driver/guide to ensure you are back at your tour vehicle in good time for each departure during the day.

8.2 If you arrive back to your tour vehicle after your instructed departure time, it will be your responsibilty to find your own way back to your ship at your own expense.

8.3 The company will not be held responsible for any delays or disappointments due to large crowds or unforeseen events.

9.0 Getting Back To Ship

9.1 The Company takes every precaution to meet all deadlines including your sailing time but is indemnified by the Agent or Client in the event of delays which are out of the Company's control, for vehicle breakdowns, traffic delays or for journeys taking longer than anticipated or calculated by our staff. No compensation or refunds will be issued as a result of any delays which are out of the Company's control, for vehicle breakdowns, traffic delays or for journeys taking longer than anticipated or calculated by our staff.

10.0 Alcohol, Food and Drugs on Coaches

10.1 Butlers Tours Ltd operate a no alcohol policy. 

10.2 The Driver maintains the discretion by which any alcohol may be carried on the Company’s vehicles.

10.3 In the interest of passenger safety and comfort, it is Company Policy to discourage consumption of food on the vehicles.

10.4 The carriage and/or use of drugs in or on a company vehicle are not permitted at any time.

11.0 Quality Control

11.1 The Company takes every measure to ensure high levels of Quality Control.

11.2 From time to time the Company may undertake Quality Control inspections upon vehicles without notice to the Client.

11.3 Such Quality Control measures deemed necessary may be implemented without notice to the Client, so long as the services being provided are not affected.

11.4 In the event of a complaint about the company’s services, the hirer should endeavour to seek a solution at the time by seeking assistance from the driver or from the company. If this has not provided a remedy, complaints should be submitted in writing and within 14 days of your booking date.

12.0 Liability, Indemnity and Force Majeure

12.1 Notwithstanding the provision of the Contract or any remedy which might otherwise be available, the Company’s sole liability to the Client shall be found to be achieved unless specific representation is made in writing by email or post and proven to be substantiated through arbitration.

12.2 Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the Company’s proven negligence, the Company shall not be liable to the Client by any reason or any implied warranty, condition other terms under common law or under express terms hereof.

12.3 Provision of tour services by the Company to the Client is made under, and in accordance with, the law governing The Republic of Ireland. The acceptance of the Contract by the Client will deem an acceptance of the law governing the provision of such coach services (to include Company Law and Road Traffic Law).

12.4 The Company accepts no liability for any incident, accidental, damage or injury, including death, as a result of an Act of God/Force Majeure.

10.0 Package Bookings

13.1 Any package bookings made by the company on behalf of the client will be subject to the Terms & Conditions and Refund & Cancellation Policies of each respective package partner.

14.2 It is the clients or agents responsibility to verify all package bookings details are correct in advance of the tour commencing.

14.3 The Company accepts no liability for any incident, accident, damage or injury, including death while on the property or in the care of any package partner.

14.4 The company accepts no liability for any loss, damage or injury as a result of any errors, ommisions or mistakes made by package partners.

14.5 The Company takes every precaution to meet package booking deadlines but is indemnified by the Agent or Client in the event of delays which are out of the Company's control or for journeys taking longer than anticipated/calculated by our staff.

15.0 General

15.1 Any notice of change, whatsoever, to be given by either party to the other under the existing conditions shall be in writing by email and acknowledgement must be sent of notice by the initiated in writing by email.

15.2 Any such dispute between the Client and the Company, if the need arises, will be heard within the jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.

15.3 All care has been taken to produce this website to an accurate standard of information regarding all issues and that of our suppliers. Butlers Tours Ltd will not accept any responsibility for subsequent errors or omissions and in turn would welcome any notification of corrections needed.

15.3 The Client is responsible for all travel documentation, entry visas, passports, etc.

15.4 Butlers Tours Ltd will not be responsible for any website links, referrals or recommendations made to third party companies. It will be the clients responsibility to perform due diligence on other companies. Any bookings made by the company on behalf of the client such as ferry crossings, hotels, theatre tickets, attraction admissions, etc, would be subject to the Terms and Conditions of each respective company.

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