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Terms & Conditions
Refunds & Cancellations

Making a Booking

My ship is not on your list? >>
Does eCoach need a minimum of seats sold? >>
How do I make a booking? >>
What is your refund/cancellation policy? >>
Why is there a booking fee? >>
Can I pay on the day? >>
I never received an email booking confirmation >>
I can't print or I have lost my ticket >>
Help! The website "Timed out" on me >>
I can't believe I booked the wrong date/tour >>
Can I switch from eCoach to a Private Butlers Buses Tour? >>
Is there any child/senior discounts? >>
Can I transfer/sell my tickets to another person? >>

Your Bus and Driver/Guide

What size/type of buses do you use? >>
Do you give running commentary? >>

On the day of your tour

What if the ship does not reach port? >>
My ship is docking in Ringaskiddy - not Cobh? >>
Where will I find my bus? >>
What if I am late getting to the bus? >>
Yikes! Will I have enough time to find my bus? >>
What if the ship is late docking? >>
Are seats pre-assigned? >>
Can we travel on the same bus as our friends? >>
Can you store my wheelchair/scooter/pushchair? >>
What can we do for disabled passengers? >>
What about entry fees - is lunch included? >>
How long will we have at each stop? >>
Do we tip our driver/guide? >>

Complaints - Breakdowns

What if I am not happy? >>
What happens in the event of a breakdown? >>


Where can I retrieve lost luggage? >>
Is there wifi on board? >>
Can we smoke/drink on board? >>
Can you supply a Childs car chair/booster seat? >>
Can you supply a wheelchair? >>

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